Top Tips When Purchasing Single Axle Trailers

Single axle trailers are ideal for people that need a compact trailer to transport light materials. Most people consider buying a single axle trailer to be a straightforward affair. However, this is not always the case since there are many considerations to make. They include: 

Trailer Size 

Your immediate concern should be the size of the trailer. Ideally, you should opt for a trailer that is a bit larger than your needs. Remember, changing situations could compel you to carry more items on the trailer. A large trailer ensures that you do not have to incur the costs of purchasing a new trailer. 


Most single axle trailers are made from steel or aluminium. While aluminium trailers may be expensive, they are lightweight and rust resistant. The lightness aspect of these trailers means that they can haul more weight. Besides, you do not have to be worried about fuel consumption when towing an empty trailer. Steel trailers are considerably cheaper than their aluminium counterparts. Although these trailers are heavy, they are your best bet if you intend to use the trailer for heavy-duty applications such as ferrying rocks. When buying a steel trailer, ensure your trailer has rust protection treatment. 

Type Of Trailer

You will have to choose a suitable trailer design. For instance, a flatbed trailer would be ideal for transporting your ATV. Open-air trailers are similar to the conventional pickup truck tray. If you wish to purchase these trailers, consider models with opening sides to ease loading and offloading. You could opt for an enclosed trailer if you want to protect your load from dust and severe weather. Some companies will modify the trailer to suit your varying needs. For instance, they could install a climate control unit if you intend to transport perishable commodities. 


You will find many trailer dealers on the internet. As such, you could be overwhelmed when choosing one dealer over the other. Below are some useful tips: 

  • The dealer should have various types of trailers in the showroom. It enables you to compare the different models.
  • Go for manufacturer-accredited dealers who can conduct repairs and maintenance covered by the trailer warranty.
  • Assess the dealer pricing. Some dealers will offer discounts and coupons to first-time customers. Besides, you could get free servicing and insurance once you purchase the trailer.
  • The dealer should have a friendly customer care department. Remember, you could need support services after buying the trailer. 

When buying a single axle trailer, choose an appropriate size, determine the building materials, decide the type of trailer you need, and work with a reputable dealer.