3 Benefits Of Gooseneck Flat Top Trailers

Regular hitch flat top trailers do a good job in many scenarios. However, if you want a more robust towing solution, then consider investing in a trailer with a gooseneck coupling system. What are the benefits of using these trailers?

1. Increased Stability

Hitch attachments don't give you reliable stability. They connect to a vehicle through a single point of contact. This connection can make a trailer feel unstable. It doesn't have an even weight spread.

For example, the hitch point might make your trailer swing from side to side when you're driving. Your load might not feel stable when you go around corners or make sharper turns.

If you don't secure a load carefully, then items could fall off the trailer. Flat tops don't typically have large enough sides to hold a slipping load in place.  

Even if you drive carefully and keep your speed low, a hitched body might also lose some stability in bad weather. High winds can push the trailer out of alignment with the rest of your truck.

A gooseneck flat top trailer attaches over your truck's rear axle. Its load and weight are spread across a greater area, so it has a more secure attachment and distribution. Your truck and its load will feel more stable, and you'll have more trailer control.

2. Higher Load Capacities

Even though flat top trailers have more space to carry loads, they have weight limits. The way you attach a trailer can also affect how heavy a load it can carry.

For example, if you use a regular hitch, then the stress of the load sits on the hitch coupling. You might not be able to carry heavier loads if your vehicle can't take the strain. An overloaded body could break the trailer's connection to your truck.

Your load capacity increases with a gooseneck connection. The weight of your trailer and its load spreads across your axle. This gives you a bigger and stronger connection. You'll be able to tow heavier loads.

3. More Security

While hitch connections are easy to use, they do have a downside. If someone else has the right connection, then they can unhitch your trailer, attach it to their own vehicle and just drive it away.

You're less likely to lose a gooseneck flat top trailer to theft. These connections are harder to uncouple. A thief won't necessarily want to spend time disconnecting your trailer in case they get caught.

Plus, someone can only steal your trailer if they also have a gooseneck connection on their own vehicle. They can't use a regular hitch to tow your trailer away.

For more advice, contact gooseneck flat top trailers suppliers.