Top Tips When Buying a Hybrid Camper

A hybrid camper combines features of a camper trailer and caravan. It is a preferable option for most camping enthusiasts due to its compact design and easy setup. As such, it is durable and can withstand more abuse. 

Read the excerpt below to understand the various considerations you should make when buying a hybrid camper


Big campers have more interior space. They are ideal for people that intend to travel with their families since they can accommodate at least two beds. Some hybrid campers have an expandable hard floor that can be utilised as extra sleeping space. You should also check the surface area of the shade. Some hybrid campers have large shades that can accommodate a few people. 


Below are some accessories you may need in the hybrid camper:

  • A water tank. If you intend to cover rocky terrain, purchase a camper with an internal water tank that cannot be damaged by rocks.
  • Kitchen accessories such as a sink, refrigerator, stove and shelves will ensure you can cook any kind of food during your expedition.
  • Some hyper campers come with luxury features such as charging ports, air conditioning, LCD screens and internal showers. They are perfect for campers who need a home-like experience as they camp.
  • Check the camper's 4WD accessories. Rough terrain tires, a high lift jack and skid plates are a must-have.
  • Hybrid campers with lots of accessories should have a solar power system to avoid draining the batteries.

New Versus Used

Your budget will determine whether you should buy a new or used hybrid camper. New campers should be purchased during the cold months when there is a low demand for camping equipment. Besides, you could buy the trailer just before the release of a new model when dealers are in a hurry to dispose of old stock.

You must conduct a visual inspection before buying a used hybrid camper. Check its underneath for signs of damage such as rust and cracks. Besides, inspect the condition of internal fixtures such as the bed, shade, kitchen and other accessories in the trailer. The camper's tires should have sufficient tread. In addition, the brakes, electrical components and connecting components must be functional. 


Conduct online research to determine companies that manufacture quality equipment. Examine online reviews and camping blogs to identify durable brands. Purchase your hybrid camper from a company that provides guarantees. Besides, check the availability of spare parts and repair shops in your locality. 

Buying a hybrid camper should be easy with the above tips. Determine a suitable size, check the available accessories and purchase a reputable brand.