What Beginners Should Know About Moulded Vehicle Carpets

Everyday car usage takes its toll on the carpet because of friction, fluid spills, and dirt. If your car carpet has holes and tears or has developed a distinct smell even after washing, it might be time to consider replacing it. It is advisable to replace car carpets regularly. A moulded carpet is one of the best solutions when swapping an aged carpet because it is designed to fit perfectly to the floor plan of a specific car make and model. A moulded carpet is the closest thing to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) carpet that comes with a car. Here is what beginners should know about moulded car carpets.

Moulded Carpets Are Made for a Specific Car Make and Model — One essential consideration when buying a replacement carpet is that it should fit your vehicle's specific floor plan. Also, a rug should meet your vehicle's specifications regarding fire, ultraviolet, water, and dirt resistance. Besides, a car carpet is not fitted to flat surfaces only. It passes through nooks, corners and curves. Moulded carpets are designed based on the make, model and production year of a car. During purchase, you should give a carpet vendor the information to get a moulded carpet that suits your vehicle's floor pan.

The Simplicity of Installation — Certain car carpets must be cut to fit the floor. Notably, getting carpet measurements calls for removing an old carpet to use it as a template for cutting a new one. However, using an old carpet as a template is problematic since it might have become loose due to years of stretching. Similarly, you run the risk of damaging an old carpet when removing it, making it unreliable for generating an accurate template. A moulded carpet eliminates mistakes and the hustle of removing an old carpet for purposes of taking measurements. Moulded carpets are already cut according to the original floor plan of a specific car make and model, making installation easy. The custom-fit nature of moulded carpets makes it easier to secure them to the floor, preventing regular adjustments and inconveniences.

Heavy-Duty Moulded Carpets — A quality moulded carpet should withstand years of use before replacement. Regardless of the material used, buy heavy-duty moulded carpets only since they are highly durable, saving on replacement costs on a long-term basis.

Keep these things in mind as you look for moulded car carpets for your make and model of vehicle.