Are You Buying Camshaft Packages? Top Tips for Choosing the Best Ones

The camshaft is a critical part of any engine. It is in charge of controlling the opening and closing of the valves. That consequently controls how air and fuel flow in and out of the engine. These factors determine the fuel economy, engine performance, and emissions. If you choose the wrong camshaft for the purpose of the locomotive, then all other factors do not matter. The camshaft can make or break the engine. That is why you should purchase the ideal camshaft packages.

The Intended Purpose of the Engine

Before you begin your selection, you should ask yourself what you will be doing with the engine. That may seem like a fundamental issue, but most people are not usually honest with themselves. Thus, they end up unhappy with the results. When looking to purchase a cam, do not think about the horsepower numbers. Think about how you will be using your vehicle most of the time. If you do not plan on racing, you should not opt for a high RPM. Another aspect to consider is the car which you will be fitting the engine into. 

Select the Camshaft Packages Last

In order to find a camshaft package that will work for you, choose it last. Most people make the error of selecting the camshaft first before the engine. Building a camshaft around the engine will help you get better performance. That is because you will need to know the airflow potential of the engine to establish when the valves should open. Apart from knowing the head flow of the cylinder, you should also understand the RPM range. Additionally, you need to consider the intake-to-exhaust flow percentage of the engine. 

Understand the Camshaft Packages Cards

Camshaft cards offer all critical specs of the camshaft. The part number, engine type and grind number are found on the first part of the card. You can also find any other special instructions listed there. The camshaft cards then show the recommendation for adjusting the valve lash. Next on the camshaft cards are the specs on basic lift and duration. These values are calculated based on the engine rocker ratio.

Now that you understand essential elements to look out for when purchasing camshaft packages, you should select the right one. If you are still not sure what to look for, ask the sales representative to help you. All you need is to give these experts the right details about your vehicle. They are then sure to help you choose a suitable camshaft.