Why Your Cars Floor Mats Really Do Matter

Most cars come with some type of floor mats in both the front and backseat. For many people, they never give these mats a second thought after maybe a cursory glance when buying the car in the first place. However, 3D mats can really change how you clean your car and how well the interior is protected from anything it will come into contact with. 3D mats are the best because they have been stress tested in every area and come out ahead. Here are a few examples of just how much stronger 3D mats are in comparison to the competition.


Perhaps the most useful advantage 3D mats have over cheap variants is that they manage water and any liquid far better. The 3D design is shaped so that liquids gather away from where your feet would be and, in some models, are mostly contained in a watertight area. 3D mats also do not get soaked through like many cheaper and flimsier mats. When you have time you can then simply lift the mat out (carefully trying not to spill any liquid) and dispose of it outside the car. By the time you try to do this with a cheap mat the floor and your shoes will both be soaked.

Less Movement

Many cheap car floor mats have very little non-slip protection on the underside that will stop them from getting pushed around by normal use. This can lead to floor mats that bunch up, move over the side, or even disappear under your seat. Real 3D mats have much more protection in this department and once they are set in place they are difficult to move without lifting. This anti-slip protection is possible because of a textured rubber underside that lasts for decades. Remember, a moving floor mat can be a hazard while driving as it could bunch up under a pedal which is the very last thing you want out of your floor mat. 

Scratch Resistant

People may sometimes store rough and corrosive equipment and materials on the floor of their car during a quick journey. You should not have to worry about them actually damaging the floor of your car, but with cheap mats they can scratch through and possibly damage the internal floor of your car. The material used in cheaper mats is mostly fabric and you can feel how thin they are. 3D mats are heavy-duty plastic that is scratch and tear-resistant, making it more difficult for something to rip through and damage your floor. It is simply not worth the risk to your car to entrust it with a cheap mat.