Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist Before Buying a Used Car Trailer

Whether you're starting a towing business or need to transport vehicles from one job site to another, you need a reliable car trailer for the job. Today's economy dictates that buying used things tends to generate savings. However, for you to get the best value when purchasing a used trailer, you need to conduct a thorough inspection. The checks should unearth any potential problems that could make the equipment unreliable for towing jobs. With this in mind, here is a pre-purchase checklist to follow before buying a used car trailer.

Inspect the Trailer's Frame

The frame is the first thing you encounter when you view the trailer. Before you go into the deeper checks, inspect the entire body first. Look around for huge dents and cracks that may indicate the trailer was involved in an accident or was used for towing jobs above its capacity. A weak and damaged body means the equipment won't serve you for a long time. Therefore, if you want a durable piece of equipment, go for one with a sturdy body with minimal dents and no severe damage.

Check the Tyres and Wheel Bearings

Next, examine the trailer's tyres. Look for signs of uneven wear, which may indicate bent axles or improper inflation. If the tyres are worn, inspect the axles for damage as well. Also, examine the wheel bearings and ensure they are lubricated and seated correctly. If the parts are worn, you can always ask the seller to replace them or lower the cost of the equipment. However, make sure the replacement tyres are trailer-compatible and not for regular vehicles.

Inspect the Trailer's Floor

The trailer's floor is where the vehicles sit during transportation. Therefore, it is bound to suffer a lot of exertion over time. Give the floor a thorough check, paying attention to the condition of the material. For wood floorboards, look out for soft areas and signs of rot, as these are an indication that the surface is damaged. Inspect metal parts of the floor for extensive rust or corrosion. If the floor is damaged, it may be unable to handle the weight of the vehicles, and this will lead to premature damage.

Test the Braking System

Most trailers come with electronic braking systems that automatically detect when you apply pressure to the towing vehicle's brakes. The trailer's braking system engages immediately and causes the equipment to stop. This feature protects the tow vehicle from suffering extensive wear and tear caused by prolonged braking times due to heavy loads. Before buying a car trailer, test its brakes to ensure they are working properly, as this will go a long way in promoting safety during haulage.

Buying a used car trailer is only a worthy investment if you find one that's in excellent physical condition. If you've never inspected a trailer before, ask an expert to tag along with you for the process. Together, find car trailers that suit your needs.